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Buying a new computer can be exciting but it can also be unsettling. Your new computer has lots of cool new hardware and software, but you don't have access to the familiar environment you created on your old computer. You know you won't be able to use the new computer productively without all your old programs and files. 

Enter Move Me! It will whisk your old programs and data to the new computer quickly and easily, giving you the best of all worlds: the performance and excitement of a new computer along with the familiar feel and functionality of your old, loyal system. 

Move Me copies all of the programs and data files from your old computer (including the Registry settings needed to make those programs work on the new system) while leaving all of the new computer's pre-installed software intact.

Download Move Me without cost or obligation and install it on your old computer and new computer. When you run the program, Move Me tells you how much data can be transferred to your new system.  You then decide if you want to perform the migration.

To take advantage of Move Me's ability to move programs, data files, and settings to your new computer while retaining all of the new pre-installed software, you pay just $59.95. In under a minute you can use your credit card to complete the secure Internet transaction and begin moving your files to their new home.


  • Simple wizard interface.
    Migrate your programs, settings, and files with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Supports multiple transfer methods.
    Transfer your files over a network, over your computers' USB ports or parallel ports, or using removable media.
  • Custom "rule" creation.
    Power users and network administrators who desire more control over the migration can create custom rules with the Move Me Control Center
  • Undo feature.
    Easily reverse any migration.
  • Just $59.95 for a single Move Me Personal Edition migration license.
    Quickly and easily move all of your programs, files, and settings to your new computer for only $59.95 (or even less, with our volume discounts).
  • Multi-license Integrator and Enterprise packs available.
    Created for computer solution professionals and the corporate environment, respectively, Integrator and Enterprise packs are available in quantities of 20, 100, and 500 licenses and offer significant savings over the cost of single migration licenses.
  • Works with Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/Media Center/XP
    Move Me requires Win 95 or later on the old computer and the same or a newer version of Windows on the new computer.
  • Can be downloaded and purchased from the Spearit web site.
    A connection to the Internet is required during purchase and serial number validation on the old computer, new computer, or another PC.
    (See Move Me FAQ for details.)
Just $59.95
(Electronic download)
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